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Track everything in one place! On our dashboard, you can effortlessly monitor your earnings, view your referred traffic, keep tabs on your social media followers, and see how many hours you've streamed. It's your personal hub for your success.


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Gain rewards through our level-up feature.

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More than just a platform. We are a community.

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Design Hub

Customize overlays

Check out our Design Hub for all your overlay needs. At Streamia, we offer a collection of free overlays, ready to use and perfect for making your streams look professional. No fuss, just a polished look for your content.


Articles and guides to help you on your journey to success.

Dive into our Academy, crafted by seasoned streamers and our expert team. Whether you're just starting out or a streaming pro, we've got articles and guides tailored for you. From mastering the art of streaming to understanding affiliations and responsible gambling, our Academy equips you with insights about today's trends and prepares you for what's next in the industry.