Ancient Tumble Mission from Relax for Streamia streamers, €1000 prize pool

Are you ready to dive into an exciting adventure and potentially win a share of €1000?

Streamia is thrilled to announce the Ancient Tumble Showdown, running from 25/6 at 02:00 AM UTC to 2/7 at 02:00 AM UTC. This is your chance to showcase your streaming talents, entertain your audience, and walk away with fantastic rewards.

How to Participate

  1. Sign Up on Streamia: To participate in the Ancient Tumble Showdown, you need to sign up on Streamia. Make sure your account is at least Level 3 to access the mission. If you're not there yet, keep streaming and engaging with your community to level up!
  2. Stream Ancient Tumble: During the campaign period (25/6 - 2/7), stream the new Ancient Tumble game by Relax Gaming for a minimum of 10 hours. Let your viewers join you on this thrilling journey through ancient ruins and mysterious treasures.
  3. Share Your Best Moments: To qualify for the prize pool, you need to upload or link to at least three (3) of your funniest moments, biggest wins, or epic gameplay highlights from your Ancient Tumble streams. Show us your most entertaining and memorable clips!

What’s at Stake?

The prize pool for the Ancient Tumble Showdown is a whopping €1000! By completing the streaming and sharing requirements, you'll be in the running to win a share of this exciting prize. It's not just about the winnings – it's about the fun, the excitement, and the community you build along the way.

Why Participate?

  • Engage Your Audience: Ancient Tumble is an action-packed game that offers plenty of opportunities for big wins and hilarious moments. Your viewers will love the thrill and excitement of watching you play.
  • Showcase Your Skills: This is a great opportunity to highlight your streaming abilities and stand out in the community.
  • Win Amazing Prizes: Who doesn't love a chance to win some extra cash? With a €1000 prize pool, your efforts could pay off.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your streaming career and potentially win big. Sign up on Streamia, level up to see the mission, and get ready to tumble for treasure. The Ancient Tumble Showdown awaits – let the adventure begin!

Prize Pool Split

  1. First Place: €500
  2. Second Place: €200
  3. Third Place: €150
  4. Fourth Place: €100
  5. Fifth Place: €50

Out of all participants, there will be a raffle being held in our Discord the day after the campaign has finished. Make sure to be on our Discord server to see the announcement!

Mystery Prizes

Who knows, maybe there will be some other prizes to be claimed?

Join Streamia now to participate and find out!

June 20, 2024

Alexander Björkén

Product Manager,